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Interactive Installation Transports Viewers to Dazzling Universe of Infinite Lights

Japanese tech art studio teamLab invites viewers to step into a galaxy of twinkling lights in Crystal Universe, their latest fully immersive installation. The Tokyo-based collective positioned 60,000 suspended LEDs in three-dimensional space, using their original 4D Vision technology to create the dazzling appearance of an infinite number of light particles cascading endlessly in all directions.

Like their previous works, Crystal Universe is interactive and responds to the movements of the visitor. According to teamLab, “When the viewer enters the space, they will cause a change that will affect the lights in the entire space, and that change will continue to cause change indefinitely. While the light continues to change across the entire universe space, the universe that the viewer causes change in will constantly be created with the viewer at its center.” What's even more amazing is that visitors can also use their smartphones to select elements to bring to life in the display. With the tap of a finger, nebulae, planets, and stars burst into creation, lighting up the glittering cosmos with the viewer at the core.

Crystal Universe will be on display through September 27 at the Pola Museum Annex in Tokyo.

teamLab: Website | Facebook
via [Spoon & Tamago]

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