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Japanese Restaurant Serves Noodles in Elegant Ice Cube Bowls

Eating food out of a ceramic dish is so passé. In the United States, bread bowls are a popular way to break that convention, but Japan has created something that’s much cooler—literally. The Tempura Matsu restaurant in Kyoto is serving noodles in a bowl made of ice.

Called inaniwa udon, the innovative dish is made from mugwort and served with wasabi and a raw egg yolk. It occupies a tiny space that’s been scooped out a rectangular ice block, for a stunning visual effect—the translucency shows a cross-sectioned view of the food’s various textures as well as an array of abstracted shapes.

Diners at Tempura Matsu are pleased with both the look and taste of the inaniwa udon, and they’ve since been posting mouth-watering pictures of the dish. They’ll make you’ll want to start planning your trip!

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Photo credit: @little_meg_siu_meg

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