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Stunning Diptych Tattoos Form Landscapes Across the Backs of Legs

Tattoo artist Houston Patton crafts intricate landscape scenes that span the back of his client’s legs. Working under the name Thieves of Tower, he collaborates with artist Dagny Fox who oversees his creative direction and helps make these unique projects happen. Their artistic style references Medieval woodcuts and engravings, and with it, they intend on taking us “back to a time of darkened beauty.”

Each tattoo utilizes bold lines and solid black shapes to depict sailing ships, rays of light, and baroque-style towers whose spires extend into the clouds. There’s no color or shading in the eye-catching works of art, and Houston focuses instead on elegant mark-making and fantastic placement on the body. The designs, one on each leg, form a diptych as the person stands with their feet together. They produce a beautiful, sprawling story that creatively stretches over calves and thighs, requiring both legs to work together to get the full impact of the artists’ vision.

Thieves of Tower create equally beautiful tattoos on other body parts, too.

Thieves of Tower: Website | Instagram
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