Traditional Samurai Jackets Are Making a Chic, Sophisticated Comeback

Trove Tokyo Based Clothing Line

The newly released fall clothing line from Tokyo-based clothing store, Trove, allows you to channel your inner samurai with chic and contemporary style. Although the color palette is subdued in wintry grays and autumnal saffrons, it is the exquisite material and make of these haori jackets that give it the sharp look to complete any outfit. The designers at Trove pride themselves on crafting their samurai-style jackets with a silky-soft wool/nylon/polyurethane shell and cupra rayon lining to provide extra warmth as days grow chillier.

Haori jackets were traditionally worn over kosode, a basic Japanese robe for men and women. With no buttons or snaps, the jackets are kept open so as to show off more detailed clothing layers underneath. Throughout different periods of Japanese history, haori were worn by various classes of people. For example, in the Sengoku Period (1467–1603), the jackets were worn solely by samurai warriors as the outer layer of their armor. Later, during the economic growth of the Edo Period (1603-1868), haori expanded its reach and popularity to the middle class, who could now afford such a luxury item. Today, in 2016, Trove is bringing the traditional haori back with a new and updated twist.

Last year's Wool Haori, as well as this season's newest item—the ivory-toned waffle-print Masu-Ori Haori—are both priced at 29,700 yen (US $288).

Chic Samurai Jacket

Contemporary Samurai Style

Haori Jacket

Silky Soft Samurai Jacket

Wool Samurai Jacket

Contemporary Samurai Jacket To Complete The Outfit

Contemporary Haori Fall Jacket

Trove Haori Fall Jackets

The newest addition to the collection: the Masu-Ori Haori

Tokyo Based Samurai Chic Jackets

Channel Your Inner Samurai With These Chic Fall Jackets

Sharp Fall Look With Haori Jackets

Samurai Jackets With Contemporary Style

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