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Eco-Friendly Barn House Beautifully Reinvents the Classic Farm Dwelling

On a 160-acre homestead in Chileno Valley, California sits the Hupomone Ranch and its new barn house. The land, which had been fallow for over 30 years, is now occupied by a young family with three children. They wanted to build a home that would reflect a commitment to farming and also draw on the natural serenity of the site. To make this vision a reality, they called on Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects to design a rustic-yet-contemporary structure that looks striking nestled among the green fields.

The barn is intended to complement the surrounding landscape. Its long, grounded form captures uninterrupted views of the meadows and the mountain range in the distance. Large windows, including a completely-glazed living area, allow its residents to admire the outdoors while lounging within the modern decor scheme. On either side of the home are bedrooms and a kitchen, which features slide-away windows that open directly to the garden. Aside from the barn, the massive property includes an in-ground pool with an outdoor kitchen attached–perfect for parties and entertaining during the warm months.

Architects designed the Hupomone Ranch as a certified LEED Platinum dwelling. It has passive heating and cooling with thermal mass and insulation, in addition to solar and photovoltaic panels that contribute to its overall energy efficiency.

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects: Website
via [Contemporist]

Photography by David Wakley.

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