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Modular "Tetris House" Uses Rectangular Units to Configure Personalized Space

Modular housing is akin to a game of Tetris thanks to the Dutch design studio Universe Architecture. They have created a prototype that allows for a fluid configuration of architectural units, balconies, and shutters, similar to the classic puzzle game. Aptly called the Tetris House, elements of its design can be rotated and customized to adapt to a wide range of constraints and specifications.

The Tetris House uses a steel structure as its base, but beyond that, developers are free to build to suit. This allows personal interests of the residents to dictate the design. If they love to cook, extra space could be allotted for the kitchen. Those who love light can orient their home so that they receive maximum sun. And for residents who enjoy the outdoors, rooftop patios are easily possible with these sets of rectangular blocks.

Universe Architecture plans to build the first Tetris House project in the Netherlands. They’ve partnered with Dutch firm i29 for help in designing an interior space that’s luxurious and spatially efficient.

Universe Architecture: Website
Tetris House: Website

via [Inhabitat]

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