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Laser-Engraved Rolling Pins Imprint Whimsical Designs onto Cookie Dough

Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska enjoys baking sweet treats, but she found that decorating them was an entirely different (and more difficult) task. “I never really managed to make my pastries look fun and delicious without spending the whole weekend on it,” she writes. So, to solve this problem, Kozerska founded Valek–a popular Etsy shop that sells solid-beech rolling pins laser-embossed with an array of whimsical designs.

Kozerska’s pins have a variety of bakers’ interests in mind. Those who enjoy robots, flowers, animals, and geometric shapes will find something to love in these repeat-pattern arrangements. They cover the product’s cylinder shape, so that means it’s easy to imprint them on the dough. Just roll the pin and use a cookie cutter to separate into individual servings. This simplified technique takes the guesswork out of decorating!

Valek even offers kid-sized rolling pins for junior bakers,. They’re smaller and easier for tiny hands to grab, roll, and make their own treats.

Valek Etsy shop
via [Colossal]

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