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Split-Faced Animal Tattoos Creatively Inked on Separate Limbs

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and finding a skilled artist to do the job is probably one of the wisest decisions to make. With a tattoo portfolio brimming with creativity and talent, Berlin-based Valentin Hirsch makes the visual appeal and reliability of his skills apparent. He creates dotwork tattoos that typically depict symmetrical animal pairings, including the intense glare of large cats, each half of its face on a separate limb. Alternatively, Hirsch juxtaposes the image of ferocious beasts with eerily realistic human components, creating dynamic visages displayed across arms, legs, and chests.

Prior to picking up the tattoo gun four years ago, Hirsch was trained in drawings and engravings. This artistic experience clearly comes across within his intricate technique and compositions. His pairings offer an artistic display of chimera-like animal hybrids, promoting a creative and unique approach to animal tattoos. If you are interested in checking out more of Hirsch's hyperrealistic artwork, his book titled Symmetries features a compilation of his best work. It is currently is available to purchase on his website.

Here are more of Hirsch's split-faced animal tattoos, inked right next to one another:

Valetin Hirsch: Website | Instagram | Facebook
via [Design Taxi]

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