Innovative UV Ray Camera Helps You See Where You Still Need Sunscreen

With so much sun left to soak up this summer, don't let your skin be exposed to harmful UV rays. Sure, there is sunscreen, but it's an invisible protector. How do you know if it's working or if you've put on enough? David Cohen and Jon Meyer of Voxelight wondered this exact question, which led them to invent Sunscreenr, a compact UV camera that can detect where sunscreen has been applied to the skin. Properly sunscreened areas appear dark in the gadget's photo, while unprotected skin is lighter in contrast. Users can peer through the viewfinder to check someone else's skin in real time, or use the Sunscreenr video mode to make a 30-second recording of themselves to play back. 

According to the EPA, there are 1 million cases of skin cancer per year in the United States alone. Using SPF 30 can reduce the risk by 80%, but most people only apply 25-50% of the sunscreen that they should. That's where Sunscreenr steps in to help. While it can't put the sunscreen on for you, the small hand-held keychain device can accompany users at the beach or a sports match, and aims to make the invisible visible.

Cohen and Meyer say, “We designed Sunscreenr to protect the ones we love. We have both watched family members struggle with skin cancer. We wanted to create a way to better protect our children and ourselves from sun damage.” They imagine a future where no longer will we find red burn marks on our back and our noses after hours outside. In just 30 quick seconds, we'll be able to see ourselves in a whole new light.

Even children can use it!

Watch Sunscreenr in action:

Sunscreenr: Facebook | Indiegogo
via [Laughing Squid]

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