Balancing Artist Defies the Laws of Physics With His Amazing Feats of Object Stacking

Balancing Artist Uses Various Objects to Defy Gravity

Have you ever thought about stacking a propane tank on an upside-down glass bottle? What about balancing two people on a chair that’s tilted onto one leg? Hong Kong-based creative Wang Yekun has. He's mastered these balancing acts, among many other stacking techniques that appear to defy the laws of physics.

Wang started his YouTube channel in August 2020 to share his incredible stabilization talents with the world. His gravity-defying feats feature objects such as glass bottles, wrenches, a single piece of money, chestnuts, kettles, and string. One of his most popular videos has over 6 million views and showcases various objects in surprising positions. The video starts with several quick clips of unsuccessful attempts to stack a computer chair on top of a giant ceramic pot… sitting atop several wrenches… balancing on a glass bottle. In the end, all objects but the chair are perfectly balanced for a few moments until they topple and break.

While his work is awe-inspiring, the balancing artist remains humble. By showcasing both the rise and fall of his attempts, Wang “[lets] everyone experience the magic of the world in laughter.” He best sums up the joy of capturing these fleeting moments in the caption of his most popular video. “Although a lot of wine bottles and large jars were broken in the process, and it didn't last long in the end, it was a success.”

Wang seems to lead his life by the motto, “balancing life is an art, sometimes serious and sometimes funny.” His attitude toward his work and life proves that we could all approach life with a bit more appreciation and humor for momentary beauty.

Scroll below to watch some of his balancing works and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Balancing artist Wang Yekun creates stacking feats that seem to defy physics.

His work uses various objects, like glass bottles, wrenches, and even people to create awe-inspiring fleeting moments.

Wang started his YouTube channel in August 2020. One of his most popular videos has over 6 million views and showcases both the rise and fall of one is his stabilization feats.

Wang leads his life by following the motto of “balancing life is an art, sometimes serious and sometimes funny” and reminds all of us to enjoy the humor and beauty in life’s fleeting moments.

Wang Yekun: Youtube
h/t: [LaughingSquid]

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