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Madyson DeJausserand is a Video Editor at My Modern Met Academy and a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met. She is also an award-winning filmmaker who graduated from Oakland University with a BA in Cinema Studies with a specialization in Filmmaking. Her passions for filmmaking and art bleed into her everyday life and she devotes her time to developing her voice as a filmmaker, writer, artist, and editor.

November 30, 2022

How Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Made a Disembodied Hand Through Practical Effects

The highly anticipated, Tim Burton-produced comedy-horror series Wednesday was recently released on Netflix and the reviews are in: audiences are loving it. One of the main praises for the show is Jenna Ortega, who shines as much as she haunts portraying the titular character. Ortega’s casting also finally cements the Addams Family as Latinx, something that has been codified since the 60s.

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November 24, 2022

Watch 200 Bassists Perform an Incredible Cover of “Under Pressure” All at the Same Time

Queen and David Bowie's iconic song “Under Pressure” has one of the most recognizable bass lines in music. It's so accentuated that it becomes inseparable from the song's ethos. The memorable sound has landed on “best bass lines ever” lists, including this 62-song-long playlist from NPR. This makes it no surprise that it's been repeated by bassists all over—but how about 200 bassists at one time?

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November 18, 2022

89-Year-Old Willie Nelson Nabs Four Grammy Nominations

From Beyoncé becoming tied with her husband Jay-Z for most nominated artist ever to ABBA becoming first-time nominees in the Pop category, this year’s Grammy nominations have been nothing short of historic. With so many firsts in the Grammy history books, seeing an older name like activist and entertainer Willie Nelson among the list seems just as surprising.

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November 11, 2022

UPS Drivers Are Sharing the Friendly Dogs They Meet on the Job

As a UPS driver, the road is your office and the people you encounter are kind of like your coworkers. The best coworkers, though, are the new friendly furry friends that these delivery people meet along their routes. And for over nine years, UPS Dogs has been chronicling these incredibly adorable interactions. In 2013, UPS driver Sean McCarren started the Facebook group UPS Dogs to share all of the canine coworkers that drivers interact with.

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