Man Who Was Pronounced Dead and Came Back to Life Explains What Dying Feels Like

Screenshots of video interview with guy explaining what dying feels like

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Despite how natural and common it is, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding death. It can also be an uncomfortable or scary subject for many people to discuss or even think about. For one guy, though, he readily talks about death and his experience with it. In a video posted to Reddit, a man who was pronounced dead and came back to life is interviewed and he describes what dying feels like.

Uploaded by user u/Sufficient-Bug-9112, the clip begins as a random street interview before taking that monumental turn. The interviewer spots a guy wearing a pair broken glasses with one of the temple arms is completely gone. “How did that happen?” the content creator asks, likely expecting a funny story. The man goes on to explain that he had a seizure. “It's a fallout from my death last year,” he states plainly. “I died.”

The man then shares that he had a blood clot in his brain that got so big that it popped his skull open. “Then, I was in a coma for two weeks. I was pronounced dead. My vitals came back on in the ambulance,” he explains. Tthe young man then underwent a six-hour craniectomy, a surgery with a 42% fatality rate. “My doctor calls me a coin flipper, because I flipped a coin on my life, and I had a bad coin, and I still won.”

The interviewer goes on to ask him what it felt like to die. “Peaceful,” the man answers. When questioned about what he saw, he says that he didn't see anything. “Now that I've been through it, what I can say is true that people say is: life flashes before your eyes. Every single memory you’ve made in your entire life will rush past you at light speed. Whatever pain you may be feeling, you won’t feel it anymore. And you’ll start to not even understand what’s going on and you’ll either be back or you won’t,” he says, reenforcing how peaceful it was.

While this won't make death any less of a difficult topic, there is tranquility to be found in this man's words, as his words add to the belief that it is a painless experience. If anything, his story is also a reminder of how you can never really know the stories of the people we come across on the street, so being kind to all is always a good idea.

In a video posted to Reddit, a man who was pronounced dead and came back to life describes what dying feels like.

Guy explains what dying feels like.
by u/Sufficient-Bug-9112 in BeAmazed

h/t: [Reddit]

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