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Wicked Christmas Ornament Explosions

A Little Water with Sand

Storing your Christmas ornaments until next year? Why? Alan Saller show us just what happens when high speed photography is combined with fluid-filled holiday decorations. The result? One explosive set!

Like most photographers out there, Saller found internet fame just by chance. One day, he started shooting random stuff in his garage with a pellet rifle and capturing the results. Then, in early 2009, everything changed. “Someone linked one of my pictures to a social networking site,” he said. “My boss came by one day and told me my site was getting a huge number of views. Emails from magazines, newspapers and even Good Morning America started clogging my FlickrMail box.”

Saller calls this incredibly cool series The War Against Christmas. How appropriate!

Aloe Pain Relief Gel

Colored Sand

Fake Chapstick


Gelatin and Cornstarch

Green Dye


Pellet and Water

Ping Pong Ball

Ping Pong Ball and Gelatin


Red Dye


Vanilla Pudding with Red Dye

Alan Sailer's flickr
via [Laughing Squid] and [Jondo]

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