Cool Concept: Leaf Produces More Energy than it Needs

This eco-friendly concept vehicle is amazing!

The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SIAC) will be showcasing the new Leaf Concept Car at the Biejing Auto Show. The concept vehicle is one of the first to boast better than zero emissions, literally producing more energy than it needs. The car is powered by solar, wind, and other alternative renewable energy sources.

The car is inspired by the natural process of photosynthesis and will actually absorb carbon dioxide from the air. The name leaf is derived from the car's roof shape, which is covered in solar-absorbing photovoltaic cells. The car also draws wind energy through four turbines located on each of the car's wheels. To absorb carbon dioxide the body of the car is made from a metal-organic framework, which turns carbon dioxide and water into energy and oxygen.

via designboom

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