Isolation Helmet Blocks Out Background Noise for a More Focused and Productive Workday

Helmfon by Hochu Rayu isolation helmet

Tried every productivity trick you know and still have trouble staying focused at the office? Ukranian design company Hochu Rayu thinks they've come up with a solution that will keep you connected, but cut out on outside distraction. Enter the Helmfon, an isolation helmet that gives you the privacy to work without all the background noise.

The idea came about when Hochu Rayu was asked to design a new phone booth for an IT company. After thinking about the way we communicate, they opted for a new tool that would “allow you to be in two worlds just sitting on your chair in the office, in a meeting, or everywhere you feel like just wearing your helmet.” The Helmfon comes equipped with blue tooth, a microphone, and camera, ensuring that you'll be able to attend virtual meetings without distraction and without disturbing others. There is even a special slot for your smartphone, so you can take calls quickly.

Made of a glass fiber outer shell and a membrane cloth with foamed polyethylene for the interior, the helmet efficiently isolates noise. This allows multiple employees to conduct meetings in the same small space without causing a commotion. And the Helmfon can be customized in a number of fun, vibrant colors to add a little whimsy back into the office.

The Helmfon is a noise reducing isolation helmet that helps cut out the distractions and background noise of a busy workplace.

Helmfon by Hochu Rayu productivity tool Helmfon by Hochu Rayu productivity tool Helmfon by Hochu Rayu productivity tool Helmfon by Hochu Rayu product for workplace productivity Helmfon by Hochu Rayu isolation helmet

Hochu Rayu: Website | FacebookInstagram | Behance
h/t: [designboom]

All images via Hochu Rayu.

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