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My Little Pony Re-Mixed (12 Total)

Edward Scissorhands

What happens when you take a highly popular old school children's toy and mix it with other pop culture figures? Well, you get something as wacky and weird as Mari Kasurinen's My Little Ponies. For those of us that can remember the early 80's, My Little Pony was a cultural phenomenon, a line of colorful toy ponies Hasbro created in 1983 that sat on the shelf next to your Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears and Pound Puppies. In doing some research, I found that it was so popular back in the 80's that it even outsold Barbie at one point! Mari Kasurinen updates our favorite horsie by remixing her with characters such as the Joker and Edward Scissorhands…it's interesting and disturbing all at the same time!



Slave Princess Leia




Batman and Robin

Kill Bill Bride


Caribbean Jack Sparrow

The Joker

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