8,000 Lights Form a Mind-Boggling Interactive Space

In this mixed media installation, visitors are invited to walk through a dazzling display of lights that challenge the natural perceptions of space. The piece includes 8,064 points of lights, suspended from the ceiling in a mind-boggling construction. Entitled Submergence, the piece was developed by collaborative group Squidsoup, which consists of international artists, researchers, and designers who create work that “combines sound, physical space, and virtual worlds to produce immersive and emotive headspaces where participants can take active control of their experience.”

Specifically within Squidsoup, artists Anthony Rowe, Gareth Bushell, Chris Bennewith, Liam Birtles, and Ollie Bown designed the piece in what they describe as “the culmination of a five year research project exploring interactive media experiences that occupy physical space.” At first glance, the stagnant light seems harmless. However, as visitors pass through the floating strings of bulbs, the glowing lights begin to go crazy in patterns of flickering, energetic, and moving illumination, paired with an electronic soundtrack that will take viewers to a different dimension.

Squidsoup has a sneak preview video, below, where you can virtually experience being consumed by a glowing sense of infinity. If you want to have this awesome experience in person, the futuristic design will be on exhibit at ROM, located in Oslo, Norway, from now through February 17, 2013.

Squidsoup website
ROM website
via [My Darkened Eyes]

January 22, 2017

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