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4 Super Fun and Creative Wallpaper Designs

1.) Light-Emitting Wallpaper

How cool is Dutch designer Jonas Samson’s light-emitting wallpaper? Turn off the lights and the wallpaper illuminates the room, but when the lights come back on, the wallpaper looks completely normal. The design is not only an unusual wallpaper idea, but also an interesting way to look at having light without a traditional light fixture. Jonas Samson’s website

2.) Picture Frame Wallpaper

I like this clever and fun idea by Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson. She created a wallpaper pattern that is full of printed frames where owners are able to customize their frames with their own pictures or accessories. According to Lisa, the pattern was inspired by the walls of the past that overflowed with paintings and other hangings. It’s a little too cluttered for my future home, but I give her props for the design!! Lisa’s website 3.) Custom Fit, Warping Wallpaper

No, you aren’t trippin’ – it’s the wallpaper. Most Wallpaper designs disregard the particular architectural features of a room. Surrealien does the exact opposite. They do this by warping a wallpaper pattern around light switches, doors, windows, or anything else on the wall. The wallpaper is custom-sized to give the room a surreal appearance. Surrealien’s website 4.) Heat Sensitive, Color Changing Wallpaper

The kids are sure to love this one. Dr. Zane Berzina of Latvia created “touch me wallpaper” in 2003. The paper is impregnated with thermochromic ink which changes color in response to body heat. As such, the wallpaper invites people to touch it and create patterns with their hands. The patterns remain pressed on the paper until it returns to room temperature. Zane Berzina’s website Courtesy of DesignBoom

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