Adorable Pugs Proudly Pose as 80s and 90s Hip-Hop Icons

Dog photographer Adam Jackman-Moore has combined his appreciation of hip-hop culture with his love of pugs to create an interestingly offbeat photo project called The Pug Life. The series transforms adorable pugs into hardcore 80s and 90s hip-hop icons. There's rapper Snoop Pug, the unforgettable 2-Pug, and the legendary Notorious P.U.G. Each of these talented pets are sporting various accessories that pay homage to their musical muses. “This is purely a fun project on a slightly left from center subject matter,” the photographer told PetaPixel.

Above: The Flavour (aka Zephie). “Bass! How low can you go? Once again, I'm back. The incredible, the rhyme animal, the uncannable D, Public Enemy Number One.” – The Flavour

Notorious P.U.G. (aka Milo). “Notorious! No, No, No, Notorious! To all the ladies in the place with style and grace this be the Notorious P.U.G, the big puppa. He be the ol'e timer in these parts and spends most of his time chillin and taking in the scenery. Though when we drop the beats he starts swinging his crown, and just wants to get down.”

Run Pug (aka Ruby Rose). “I'm the King of Pugs, there is none higher, other stinky dogs should call me sire.” – Run Pug

Snoop Pug (aka Diesel). “Izzle kizzle, fo' schizzle my nizzle, what you sizzle? Fo' schizzle bizzle.” – Snoop Pug

Crazy Eyes (aka Frankie). “Crazy Eyes, yeah he's the enforcer type pug around here at the pug life. One look at him and those crazy eyes and you'd rather mess with the cat.”

The Beastie (aka Jack). “Now here's a little story I've got to tell. About three bad pugs you know so well. It started way back in history with Snoop, Ice Puge, and me.” – The Beastie

Pugmaster Flash (aka Daisy). “The years of loud music, wild parties and the occasional meaty treat have left him a little dazed. Just last week I called him my ‘home boy', and he actually went home.”

2-Pug (aka Sergio). “2-Pug grew up living on the rough streets of L.A, and has been rocking his 90's hip hop style for longer than even he can remember. He's so old school that he's pre-primary.”

Ice Puge (aka Ernie). “Straight outta Compton, crazy little dog called Ice Puge, from the gang called Pug's with attitude.”

Adam Jackman-Moore: Website | Facebook | 500px
The Pug Life: Website | Facebook | Instagram
via [PetaPixel]

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