World’s Top Wildlife Photographers Come Together to Raise $250,000 for Africa’s Parks

Silverback Mountain Gorilla in Uganda

Photo: Chris Schmid

Over 50 of the world's top wildlife photographers are using their art to help protect Africa's wildlife. With COVID-19 bringing tourism to a halt, precious revenue that is used to keep Africa's protected areas and conservation efforts afloat has gone with it. By donating fine art prints, wildlife photographers are hoping to raise $250,000 for the African Parks Network.

This conservation NGO manages all of Africa's national parks and protected areas on behalf of the government and will disperse the funds as needed. Some of the most recognizable names in wildlife photography, including Shaaz Jung, Will Burrard-Lucas, and Graeme Green, are participating in Prints for Wildlife, which was organized by photographers Marion Payr and Pie Aerts.

Each artist has donated one fine art limited print, which is on sale for $100 each. All of the proceeds, minus printing and handling, will go straight to African Parks so that the funds can be used where there is the most need. “The impact of COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on Africa’s wildlife areas,” shares Green. “With no tourists, there are less jobs, so there’s less money for people. Poverty has increased, and in some places, so has poaching. There’s also less money for conservation work to protect animals, including endangered animals. I hope the money from Prints For Wildlife’s campaign will help to protect Africa’s wildlife by funding essential conservation work and also by helping local people and communities during this crisis period. The best conservation work always involves local people.”

The campaign has already seen success, raising $85,000 in just 48 hours. With so much magnificent photography to choose from, you'll want to select your favorite photo before it's gone. From haunting portraits of a gorilla to a lion surveying its territory at sunset, these photographs are reminders of the power and beauty that Africa's wildlife possesses.

You can browse all the prints and place your order directly on the Prints for Wildlife website.

Over 50 of the world's top wildlife photographers are hoping to raise $250,000 to support Africa's parks and wildlife.

Lion Looking at the Sunset in Africa

Photo: Bjorn Persson

Black Panther by Shaaz Jung

Photo: Shaaz Jung

Lion in Africa by Marion Payr

Photo: Marion Payr

Every participating photographer has donated a print that is on sale for $100 each, with all proceeds going to the African Parks Network.

Rhino in Africa by David Lloyd

Photo: David Lloyd

Lions in Africa by Thomas Vijajan

Photo: Thomas Vijajan

Elephant in Africa by Graeme Green

Photo: Graeme Green

Prints for Wildlife: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Prints for Wildlife.

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