AOL’s New Palo Alto Headquarters

It's always exciting to see where people work, especially when its at web-related companies that employee thousands of people. We've already seen the modern offices of Google, Twitter and Skype. Now, we invite you to take a look at one of the tech companies that started it all…AOL.

AOL recently launched a company-wide initiative to reshape its online brand. As part of this effort, AOL brought in Studio O+A to give its West Coast headquarters in Palo Alto a fresh, new look. The design embodies the elements of the new AOL – transparency, collaboration, creativity and playfulness – to create a stimulating environment for the staff.

Studio O+A's floor plan emphasizes collaborative space. Segregated private offices have now turned into open workstations and a series of circular pods positioned throughout the main work areas act as impromptu meeting rooms. These cozy silos provide a space for informal collaboration and spontaneous creativity.

As a kitchen, play space, and relaxation area, the Town Hall also functions as an all-hands common area, modeled after late-night eateries in San Francisco's Mission District. Centrally located to bring together staff from departments that might not otherwise interact, the Town Hall is designed to foster the kind of creative cross-pollination that tech companies like AOL are known for.

Studio O+A website
Photos via Jasper Sanidad
via [Archdaily]

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