October 6, 2022

Watch a Living Plant Wield a Machete With a Robot Arm

Artist David Bowen is giving a philodendron control in his fascinating installation called Plant Machete. As the name suggests, a live plant has the power to wield a giant knife. It sounds like the work of science fiction, but the creative’s interest in robotics has culminated in a control system that “reads and utilizes the electrical noises found in a live philodendron.

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June 15, 2022

Google Engineer Claims Its AI Has Feelings, but Experts Have Far Deeper Concerns

When Google engineer Blake Lemoine asked to be moved to the company’s Responsible AI organization, he was looking to make an impact on humanity. In his new role, he would be responsible for chatting with Google’s LaMDA, a sort of virtual hive mind that generates chatbots. Lemoine was to ensure that it was not using discriminatory or hate speech, but what he’s claiming that he discovered is much bigger.

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June 1, 2022

Multimedia Artist Creates Delightful “Singing” Birds From Analog Circuits

Multimedia artist Kelly Heaton practices what she calls “creative electrical engineering” to make life-like circuits. Passionate about art and science since childhood, Heaton uses analog electronic hardware to produce printed bird circuits. These technological sculptures actually “chirp” and “sing” just like our avian friends, but with sounds entirely produced in an analog fashion. Akin to a vintage synthesizer, these dynamic sculptures show the life-like quality of technology.

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