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Regina Sienra is a Staff Writer at My Modern Met. Based in Mexico City, Mexico, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications with specialization in Journalism from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has 10+ years’ experience in Digital Media, writing for outlets in both English and Spanish. Her love for the creative arts—especially music and film—drives her forward every day.
September 21, 2023

Watch an Adorable Sun Parakeet Prepare a Miniature Breakfast

If you have a pet at home, you've most likely made feeding time a key part of your routine. For all the joy they may show once their plates are full, wouldn't it be cool if they could get their own breakfast ready? Turns out there's one particular bird that can, and she even sets the table neatly and picks up after herself.

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September 17, 2023

Artist Reimagines Whales as High-Tech Steampunk Cities Roaming the Ocean

We usually think of nature and machinery as opposing forces, but in the hands of Eli Yoo, creator of M.C.A. Studio, they become one. His highly detailed sculptures reimagine whales as enormous cities roaming the ocean and as detailed steampunk creatures. In this way, he has envisioned a sci-fi future where the organic and the man-made are fully integrated.

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