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Regina Sienra is a Staff Writer at My Modern Met. Based in Mexico City, Mexico, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications with specialization in Journalism from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has 10+ years’ experience in Digital Media, writing for outlets in both English and Spanish. Her love for the creative arts—especially music and film—drives her forward every day.
June 17, 2024

Ukrainian Artist Captures the Beauty and Power of the Ocean in Sweeping Oil Paintings

Capturing the intricacies of the sea is no easy feat. There's a myriad of shades of blue on a single landscape, plus the splashes of water and the movement of seafoam. And yet, Ukrainian artist Alexandra Velichko does it perfectly in every single one of her works. Zooming in on breaking waves and beach scenes, the painter captures both the beauty and power of the ocean in her sweeping oil paintings.

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June 14, 2024

Artist Creates Larger-Than-Life Paintings Emerging From Giant Brushstrokes

Paintbrushes are reliable tools that help artists bring their vision to life. But for all their usefulness, they rarely get a chance to shine. French artist Julien Durix seems to have found a clever way to honor this timeless tool—by making it part of his art. Mixing painting with a sculptural element, his depictions of pop culture characters are all displayed within a brushstroke.

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June 13, 2024

Australian Woman Quits Job and Travels to the Amazon to Live Fairytale Life With Indigenous Ecuadorian Man

How far would you go for love? For a woman named Jordan Hauenschild, the answer seems to be: halfway around the world. The Australian woman was scrolling her Instagram Explore feed one night when she came across 24-year-old Pitiuruk, an Indigenous Ecuadorian content creator who chronicles his life in the Amazon jungle. Curious about his lifestyle, she reached out to him him and sparks flew.

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June 11, 2024

Olympus Mons: The Largest Volcano in Our Solar System Is Located on Mars

As impressive as the highest peaks on Earth are, they barely compare to the tallest mountains in our solar system. Namely, Olympus Mons is a giant volcano on Mars that towers 16 miles above the neighboring plains and stretches 374 miles. In fact, it is so broad, that it doesn’t look like a typical mountain found on Earth. If you were standing on it, it would simply appear like a soft slope.

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