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Modern "Aviator's Villa" Designed for a Retired Airline Pilot

How great would it be to have a house that's centered around your passion? New York-based firm Urban Office Architecture designed Aviator's Villa for a retired airline pilot and used the idea of flight as a catalyst for their design. The exterior of the home is envisioned as a composition of disassembled aviation parts that are exposed to the outdoor elements, like the body of a plane. Its unique form is further emphasized by its placement between the pool and a small, nearby lake. The villa is imagined as a floating volume that's surrounded by air.

The modern residence is directionally oriented to allow maximum daylight. Its geometric windows are glazed panes mounted on riveted metal frames that are screened by perforated metal paneling. This is meant to replicate a cloud texture while diffusing the sun's harsh rays and casting pleasant shadows.

Architects designed the interior as three primary spaces. This includes an expansive living and dining area, a cantilevered master bedroom, and the library. A central circulatory staircase reveals a series of hidden areas as you move between the living room and library downstairs. Once upstairs, the bedroom is a seen as a daily final retreat.

Urban Office Architecture website
via [Beautiful Life and designboom]

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