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12 Photos That Will Convince You That Bavaria Has the Most Magical Forests in the World

Chances are, that if you’ve seen any magical photos of a forest on the Internet, they’ve been taken in Bavaria. The Bavarian Forest, a part of which belongs to the Bavarian National Park, is a low-mountain region in Germany that’s any nature lovers dream. In 1970, the Bavarian National Park was established as Germany’s first natural park. The philosophy of the park is “Let nature be nature,” which means that the forest is not managed, but instead is allowed to grow and develop without the interference of man. This makes the park a unique landscape, or, in other words, a true wilderness. Up to 95% of the land is covered by forest, with crystal clear mountain streams carving their way through the region. It’s not rare to spot any number of animals living there like brown bears, wolves, wildcats, owls and even sea otters. The national park estimates that there is somewhere between 9,200 and 10,750 animal species living in the Bavarian Forest National Park.Compiled here are 12 photos taken of both the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest. The Bohemian Forest is composed of a heavily forested mountain region that sits on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. If these photos don’t convince you that fairy-tale forests can actually exist, I don’t know what will.

First Photo: Peter Krejzl

Photo: Martin Amm

Photo: Kilian Schnberger

Photo: Kilian Schnberger

bavaria8 Photo: Harry Eggens

Photo: Kilian Schnberger

Photo: Jin Michal

Photo: Jonathan Besler

Photo: Kilian Schnberger

Photo: Phillip Klinger

Photo: Isabelle Jordans

Photo: Kilian Schnberger

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