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Barbie Has a New Career As a Photojournalist for National Geographic

Barbie Photojournalist Doll National Geographic

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Since Barbie’s introduction to the world in 1959, the doll has portrayed many different careers. Her first job was a “Teenage Fashion Model,” but she’s since challenged gender norms by working in male-dominated fields such as computer engineering and game development. The role model’s impressive resume continues to expand—she now works with National Geographic as a photojournalist.

“Barbie doll is an adventurous spirit, always enthusiastic about exploring the world,” say the doll’s manufacturer, Mattel. “She’s partnered with National Geographic to encourage imagination, expression, and discovery through play.” Designed for kids aged 3 to 7, the new Photojournalist Barbie is dressed in shades of brown to help blend into the landscape when out capturing wildlife on camera. Her photography vest features a “National Geographic Society” embroidery patch, and she even carries her own miniature Nat Geo magazine with a lion on the cover. Also included with the doll is a toy DSLR camera and a little lion cub to serve as her photo subject.

Photojournalist Barbie is one of a series of new career dolls created in collaboration with Nat Geo—others include a wildlife conservationist, a marine biologist, and an astrophysicist. Now a symbol of empowerment, Barbie dolls inspire kids to become anything they want to be.

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Barbie is now a photojournalist for National Geographic.

Barbie Photojournalist Doll National GeographicBarbie Photojournalist Doll National GeographicBarbie Photojournalist Doll National Geographic

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