Mother Cat Carries Her Kitten Over to Meet Human Baby in Sweet Video

Mother Cat Introduces Her Kitten to Human Baby

Photo: asolo0912/Depositphotos (left); lucidwaters/Depositphotos (right) (Not photos of the actual cat and baby)

There's nothing like the bond between mother and her child. This love and protectiveness is seen in families across the animal kingdom. It's also common for certain animal parents to take young that is not their own under their wing. A short heartwarming video captured a unique moment in which a mother cat brings her young kitten to a sleeping human baby, as if introducing them to one another.

At the start of the video, we see the human baby fast asleep on the floor. A white, long-haired cat approaches carrying a small kitten and drops the small feline just in front of the baby. “Why are you bringing your babies to Blossom?” asks a woman off-camera, earning a meow from the mother cat. While Blossom doesn't stir from her slumber, the kitten appears eager to explore—much to the disapproval of the mother cat who continues to meow.

The woman continues talking to the mother cat, asking, “Why? Do you want [your kittens] down here? You want them with Blossom?” The mother cat meows again before licking her precious kitten. While it's hard to know exactly what the mama cat is thinking, people in the comments guess that she wants to keep all of her babies—feline and human—together, perhaps out of instinct. “Cats will often co-parent kittens that aren't theirs,” someone points out. “Baby is kitten now.”

Hopefully, in time, the baby and kitten can become friends and make the mama cat proud.

An adorable video captures the moment a mother cat carries her kitten to a human baby and introduces them to each other.

Momma cat introduces her new baby born to human baby
byu/SweetyByHeart inaww

h/t: [Reddit]

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