Watch “Giant” Cats Attack Train Sets at This Quirky Japanese Restaurant

Seemingly giant cat resting on a miniature train track

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

In popular culture, Japan is home to some very large creatures like Godzilla and Mothra. If you visit the Diorama Restaurant in Osaka, Japan, you will find giant cats as well. The charming eatery, which doubles as a cat shelter, is home to beautiful scale models of landscapes and tiny towns which appear to be overrun by large felines. As if that weren't enticing enough, the restaurant also features a miniature train that goes around the locale, although its rides are rarely free of incidents. A small camera attached to the train captures the many ways these trips are interrupted by seemingly monumental kitties.

It is incredibly entertaining to see the (very-normal-sized) cats interact with the miniature train as it travels around the grassy hills of the restaurant. The true magic of the experience, however, lies in seeing the point-of-view footage of these epic rides. Sometimes, the train bumps into a sleepy cat who, despite seeing the convoy coming in, doesn't want to move from its snuggly spot. Other times, a feline silently prowls the train until an off-camera force turns it on its side. Since every cat's personality differs, it adds a layer of adrenaline to each trip.

Due to the nature of the place, the Diorama Restaurant is reservation-only. “The Diorama Cafeteria is open in three parts, with lunchtime, tea time, and time spent together,” reads their website. “There is no difference in the service contents except for the contents of the meal each time.” Occasionally, a free slot will open up, so you can check their Twitter to snag a same-day reservation.

If you're too far away from Japan but still want to be up to date with these “giant” cats' shenanigans, you can follow the Diorama Restaurant on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Diorama Restaurant in Osaka, Japan, is the perfect destination for people who love cats and trains.


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A post shared by Neco G Naoki (@daiorama_restrant)

The enchanting little spot features incredible scale models and a miniature train that travels through the restaurant.


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A post shared by Neco G Naoki (@daiorama_restrant)

It also doubles as a cat shelter, so there are many cats roaming around the dioramas and interacting with the train.

A small camera attached to the miniature train shows how the felines interact with the scale models.

Sometimes, the train may bump into a sleepy cat. Other times, a feline silently prowls the train until an off-camera force turns it on its side.

Diorama Restaurant: Website | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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