February 16, 2024

This Tiny Camping Trailer Can Easily Fit in a Garage and Doesn’t Require a Trailer License

The award-winning German company Sportcaravan recently released its Cube 1 model, their smallest camping trailer to date. Measuring 10.5 feet in length, 5.4 feet in height, and weighing in at around 705 pounds, the Cube 1 definitely deserves its title of  “mega” micro-caravan. With these dimensions, owners can easily fit the camping trailer in their garage and tow it with a small car, without the need for a trailer license.

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October 12, 2023

Elegant Japanese Trailer Has All of the Necessities for Life on the Road

Fans of Airstream trailers are drawn to its minimalist design and sleek aesthetic. A Japanese brand called X-Cabin has created its own version, which packs a big punch despite its small size. Measuring about 15 feet in length, the X-Cabin 300 has everything travelers need for life on the road, all wrapped up in an elegant steel exterior. The inspiration for this compact trailer comes from airplane and ship cabins.

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July 6, 2023

Auto Experts Create World’s Lowest Car You Can Actually Drive

How low can you go? That's the question this outrageously low car seems to answer. Carmagheddon, an Italy-based car modifier collective, set their minds on building the world’s lowest drivable car. The result is a tongue-in-cheek creation that tests what makes a car, well, a car. To create this very low low-rider, the team of Cocchi Rudi—Matteo Marzetti and Nicola Guadagnin—cut a Fiat Panda in half.

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June 2, 2023

LEGOLAND Unveils Life-Size Ferrari Made From Over 380,000 LEGO Bricks

Few cars are as iconic as a red Ferrari. Many children grow up with toy models of this stunning automobile. Now, LEGOLAND is bringing another way for children and adults alike to enjoy the design of these Italian cars. A new exhibit at the LEGOLAND Billund Resort in Denmark called Build and Race features a lifesize replica of the Ferrari Monza SP1, which is constructed from 383,610 LEGO bricks.

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