January 12, 2024

Pet-Friendly Console Table Includes Secret Tunnel for Curious Cats

Cat owners know how curious felines can be. Whether it's climbing bookshelves or hopping onto desks, there's no stopping their curiosity. Rather than fight this instinct, Portugal-based designer Ricardo Sá has created a piece of furniture that gives them freedom to explore. The Choo Choo console table is a streamlined piece that includes a secret passageway for cats to wander through. The table gets its name from the bullet train-inspired shape.

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June 11, 2023

Opulent Peacock Chairs Have the Own Plumage Just Like the Real Bird

Los Angeles-based designer Marc Ange merges the iconic silhouette of a peacock with a functional armchair design in his collection titled Il Pavone. The statement-making furniture was done in collaboration with Visionnare, a luxury furniture store. Just like the beauty of the colorful bird, the striking pieces feature flared backrests that mimic the shape of its unique plumage.

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