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February 12, 2024

Talented 9-Year-Old Violinist Joins Pianist for Impromptu Street Performance of ‘Carol of the Bells’

Those pianos sitting in public places are beacons of beautiful music. You never know whether a famous musician or a prolific pedestrian will stop and play a few notes for passersby. Being blessed with an exciting performance on your daily commute is a treat on its own, but some lucky travelers were regaled with a festive piano and violin duet, courtesy of pianist Aurélien Froissart and a talented 9-year-old named Dina Mourard.

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January 23, 2024

Animal Shelter Celebrates All Pets Being Adopted for the First Time in Almost 50 Years

Across the country, animal shelters are overcrowded with cats, dogs, and other pets. This is all the more reason to celebrate Adams County SPCA‘s rare accomplishment. Back in December 2023, the Pennsylvania shelter shared uplifting news that all of their animals were adopted—the first time it has happened in nearly 50 years. The announcement came in the form of a Facebook post, accompanied by an image of the shelter staff posing near the empty stalls.

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January 5, 2024

24-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Black Female Licensed Commercial Pilot in the U.S.

While women have made great strides in male-dominated industries over the past few decades, piloting planes remains an old boys club. Only about 5% of those with commercial pilot licenses are women. While Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart were famous pioneers of early aviation, it remains difficult for women to break into the industry due to lack of representation and lack of support for family life.

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December 14, 2023

10-Year-Old’s “Postbox to Heaven” Is Adopted by Cemeteries Across UK

Grief is different for everyone. Many people going through mourning wish they could have another word with their loved ones. That was certainly the case for 10-year-old Matilda Handy. After losing both of her grandparents within a span of five years, she had an idea for a “postbox to heaven,” so she could continue to write letters to her grandmother and grandfather even after they passed.

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