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May 24, 2024

Billionaire Surprises Grads With $1,000 Each, Encourages Them To Give Half to Charity

Graduating from college is an emotional milestone for many young adults. It's a major accomplishment to finish a degree, but it's also a transitional period. Grads might be free from studying for exams, but they're also going to have to start paying off student loans. Over half of American college graduates have student debt, with the average having tens of thousands in loans.

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April 3, 2024

Restaurant Lets Customers “Pay What They Can” To Help Support the Local Community

There's a restaurant in the UK called The Long Table that has been changing the way we think of dining out. This eatery and community center, located in the town of Stroud in South West England, has recently gained the attention of journalists from all over the world because they have been employing an unusual but revolutionary dining idea—a pay-as-you-can model.

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March 17, 2024

Construction Workers Bring a Smile to a Boy’s Face by Filling His Dump Truck With Dirt From an Excavator

Last year, a video of construction workers filling a boy's toy truck with dirt from their excavator went viral. The internet absolutely adored the video because of its wholesome nature and the attitude of the adults involved, as they played along with the boy and performed a good deed that absolutely made his day. Recently, another video has surfaced of a separate set of outdoor laborers doing the same thing for a little boy.

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