Photo Contest

May 28, 2024

25 Striking Winners of Competition Celebrating Black and White Photography

The Exposure One Awards is celebrating the nuances of black and white photography by announcing the winners of the 2024 One Shot Photo Contest. Separated into divisions for professional and non-professional photographers, the contest highlights the timeless quality of the monochromatic color palette. Photographers competed in a wide range of categories, including Portraits, Landscapes, Conceptual Works, and Fine Art.

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May 16, 2024

Funny Finalists of the 2024 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Most pet owners will tell you how silly their animals can be. Now, thanks to the Comedy Pet Photography Awards, everyone can enjoy the humor that these animal companions bring to their families' lives. The contest has just revealed the top 30 finalists, and the results are as amusing as you can imagine. The photos tell the stories of these funny pets, from acrobatic canines to cats stuck in unusual places.

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April 10, 2024

Creative Winners of the 2024 Mobile Photography Awards

Once again, the Mobile Photography Awards is proving that good photography isn't limited to owning a DSLR. Since 2011, the contest has been showcasing the creative possibilities of mobile photography and the 13th annual contest is no different. Shanghai-based photographer Yajun Hu took home the top prize for his portfolio of street photography, all taken using a Xiaomi Ultra 13.

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April 2, 2024

Touching Image of Intergenerational Love Wins Black and White Minimalist Photography Prize

A touching photo of two generations holding hands has won Black & White Magazine‘s 2024 Black and White Minimalist Photography Prize. Yvonne Krystovsky‘s photograph of a great-grandfather holding his great-grandchild's hands is a study in contrasts. The smooth skin of the child against the wrinkles of the elderly man makes us reflect on the passage of time and the power of intergenerational love.

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