February 27, 2024

Striking Vertical Tattoos Capture Beauty of East Asian Culture Within a Tiny Space

Tattoo artists are great at making the most out of tiny spaces, often creating intricate designs in a limited area. Korea-based artist Dami Nam, also known as Daldam, takes this challenge to the next level. Her small rectangular designs tell compelling stories about her costumers’ love for East Asian culture in a reduced stretch of skin. With a lifelong love for drawing and painting, Nam dreamed of getting a job in an art-related field.

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October 12, 2022

Striking Black and White Tattoos Are Composed of Thousands of Tiny Dots

Body art is a way for people to express their own personal style. While some like colorful watercolor tattoos, others prefer black and white designs. Montreal-based artist Velco creates striking grayscale tattoos that are composed of numerous dots. These minimalist-style pieces range from adorable animals to mysterious landscapes enclosed within arch-shaped frames. Each of these pieces fuses Velco's aesthetic with the individual wishes of the client.

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July 18, 2022

Ingenious Tattoos Change Form When Elbows and Knees Are Bent

When people commit to a tattoo, they usually expect to have just one image permanently inked on their skin. However, a tattoo artist in France creates clever designs that can be viewed in two different ways. Veks Van Hillik adds mesmerizing body art to people's elbows and knees that reveal another side to the illustration when people unbend their joints. Each of these black-and-white tattoos is carefully drawn to interact with people's bodies.

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