October 15, 2021

Amazing Tattoos Look Just Like Holographic Stickers Stuck to Skin

When is a sticker not a sticker? When it’s a tattoo! Tattoo artist Clayton Dias will make you do a double-take with his holographic-inspired designs. He creates body art that has the metallic shimmer of a real sticker, complete with the vertical highlights and rainbow array of colors as it captures the light. Sometimes, it appears as though the tattoo is peeling from the skin which only adds to the amazing illusions within Dias’ work.

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June 24, 2021

40+ Minimalist Tattoo Ideas That Prove Less Is More

If you’re contemplating getting inked, choosing the right permanent artwork for your body can be a little daunting. If you’re put off by garish tattoo designs, something simple and elegant might be the right choice for you. Whether you want to pay homage to your favorite city with a simple skyline or celebrate your love of nature with delicate petals and leaves, it’s hard to go wrong with a minimalist tattoo.

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April 9, 2021

Delicate Tattoos Inspired by Traditional Chinese Painting Tell Stories Within Long Rectangles

Beijing-based tattoo artist Franky Yang creates ethereal body art inspired by traditional Chinese paintings. Like windows to another world, she contains each of her refined illustrations inside long, thin rectangles, which stretch across her clients' arms, legs, and torsos. Within these geometric shapes are detailed visions of rocky mountainsides, luscious forests, and twinkling seascapes. Yang uses the constraints of a rectangular panel to frame her artwork in an engaging way.

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March 5, 2021

Exquisite Illustrative Tattoos Offer a Surrealist Twist to Plant and Animal Life

Polish tattoo artist Joanna Świrska, aka Dzo Lamka, creates stunning body art inspired by plants, animals, fungi, and a bit of surrealism. As the owner of Nasza Tattoo Shop in Wrocław, Poland, her unique designs often feature a mix of these different elements in a distinct illustrative style that uses bold, black linework and select areas of color. Świrska showcases some of her best work on her Instagram.

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