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Cool Concept: Google Maps Envelopes (4 pics)

As snail mail becomes increasingly rare, it’s exciting to find personalized letters in our mailboxes. That’s exactly why Google Maps Envelopes is a very cool concept. Industrial designers Rahul Mahtani and Yofred Moik have conceptualized the addition of a “Send Envelope” button that would enable users to quickly send a physical letter – rather than an e-mail – with spiffy Google Maps-esque packaging. Once a person clicks the “Send Envelope” button, Google prints and delivers an e-mail via the United States Postal Service for a small fee. The return address label is in a bubble at their start of a route traced on the map envelope, while the destination is in the address bubble at the end of the route. Between the two is the route that the letter takes to get there.

via yanko design, mashable

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