Cornfield Mazes Celebrate NASA Milestones

A new national outreach program was recently launched by none other than NASA! The program has seven farms competing in creating corn mazes that best exemplifies the contributions and milestones NASA has made. It's also meant as an educational experience, as each maze is open to the public and activities involving science and NASA will take place in specific parts of the mazes.

All the corn mazes were designed by “The MAiZE,” a cornfield maze design company. The idea to make all the images out of cornfields might not have been entirely random either, as it goes nicely with the urban legend of crop circles. You can vote for your favorite design at Space Farm 7's website found below, and even enter for a tour of the Kennedy Space Center and lunch with an astronaut.

You can check out the mazes now as they're open to visitors through November.

Space Farm 7's Website
The MAiZE's Website
via [The Fox Is Black]

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