Artist Meticulously Paints Detailed Landscapes You Can Hold in the Palm of Your Hand

Artist Dina Brodsky paints on circular pieces of plexiglass with a 2-inch circumference, creating oil paintings that are spectacularly realistic. Despite the fact that these canvases can fit into the palm of your hand, Brodsky's work is both detailed and lifelike. Each intricate leaf, distinct building, and vivid light source stands out amidst the landscapes that she expertly reproduces.

Typically, it will take the painter 15-20 hours to meticulously design her small-scale worlds. During this time, she sources inspiration from Italian Renaissance fresco paintings, 15th-century Flemish portraits, and Islamic miniature art. When combined, all three of these techniques culminate in paintings that appear to be from another time period.

Dina Brodsky: Website | Instagram 
via [Design Taxi]

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