50 Drawing Prompts To Help You Fill Out Your Next Sketchbook

Drawing Prompts for Sketching

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Whether you've been drawing for a dozen years or a couple of weeks, artist's block happens to everyone. When it does, you might be searching for some easy drawing ideas. If that's the case, you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of 50 drawing prompts that will keep you inspired for a long time.

Within this collection, you'll find ideas related to nature, animals, fantasy, people, and even architecture. Even if you prefer one category to the other, it's helpful to try sketching a range of subjects to continuously develop your skills. All you'll need to get started is some paper (or your favorite sketchbook) and some drawing supplies.

Scroll down for 50 drawing prompts.

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Here are 50 drawing prompts to inspire your sketchbook.

Drawing Prompts for Sketching

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A dog fetching a tennis ball

Photo: teamjackson/Depositphotos


A family of ducks and ducklings walking in a line

Duck Drawing Prompt

Photo: deposit.dk/Depositphotos


The life cycle of a monarch butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Drawing Prompt

Photo: Blackdiamond67/Depositphotos


A pond of koi fish

Koi Fish Drawing Prompt

Photo: vitalsafo/Depositphotos


A giraffe eating from a tall branch

Giraffe Drawing Prompt

Photo: byggarn79/Depositphotos


A scientific illustration of a species of bird

Illustration of a Bird Drawing Prompt

Photo: ruskpp/Depositphotos


A cat sitting by a window

Cat Drawing Prompt

Photo: Kutredrig/Depositphotos


A gray wolf howling at the moon

Wolf Howling at the Moon Drawing Prompt

Photo: welcomia/Depositphotos


A male peacock with his feathers on display

Peacock Drawing Prompt

Photo: PantherMediaSeller/Depositphotos


A portrait of your pet (or your dream pet)

Pet Drawing Prompt

Photo: pyotr021/Depositphotos




A desert with plenty of cacti

Desert Drawing Prompt

Photo: eric1513/Depositphotos


A grove of orange trees

Orange Grove Drawing Prompt

Photo: siculodoc/Depositphotos


Roses in bloom

Roses Drawing Prompt

Photo: re_bekka/Depositphotos


A river winding through a forest

River Drawing Prompt

Photo: pellinni/Depositphotos


Cornucopia of different fall foods

Cornucopia Drawing Prompt

Photo: dar19.30/Depositphotos


A hiking trail.

Hiking Trail Drawing Prompt

Photo: Antonio-S/Depositphotos


A photo from a U.S. national park

National Park Drawing Prompt

Photo: dibrova/Depositphotos


A bouquet of sunflowers

Sunflower Drawing Prompt

Photo: AntonMatyukha/Depositphotos


Waves crashing along the beach

Ocean Drawing Prompt

Photo: leszekglasner/Depositphotos


A weeping willow with leaves blowing in the wind

Weeping Willow Drawing Prompt

Photo: scrisman/Depositphotos




A unicorn in its natural habitat

Drawing Prompt of a Unicorn

Photo: CoreyFord/Depositphotos


The city of Atlantis as you imagine it

Atlantis Drawing Prompt

Photo: artefacti/Depositphotos


A mythical combination of two animals

Chimera Drawing Prompt

Photo: lifeonwhite/Depositphotos


A dragon and its hoard of precious objects

Dragon Drawing Prompt

Photo: mppriv/Depositphotos


Your own spaceship

Spaceship Drawing Prompt

Photo: algolonline/Depositphotos


A vampire sleeping in a coffin

Vampire Drawing Prompt

Photo: Fotolit2/Depositphotos


Your own fantasy character

Fantasy Character Drawing Prompt

Photo: KrisCole/Depositphotos


Fairies sitting on flowers

Fairy Drawing Prompt

Photo: Majorgaine/Depositphotos


A mermaid saving a sailor at sea

Mermaid Drawing Prompt

Photo: Majorgaine/Depositphotos


A kingdom on the Moon

Moon Drawing Prompt

Photo: frenta/Depositphotos




A portrait of your favorite musician

Musician Drawing Prompt

Photo: Kohanova1991/Depositphotos


Before and after a character goes through a magical transformation

Superman Drawing Prompt

Photo: billiondigital/Depositphotos


A 1920s flapper

Flapper Drawing Prompt

Photo: everett225/Depositphotos


Different hand poses

Hand Poses Drawing Prompt

Photo: NLshop/Depositphotos


An hourly comic of your life

Drawing Prompts for Sketching

Photo: Kreminska/Depositphotos


A self-portrait

Drawing Prompts for Sketching

Photo: NewAfrica/Depositphotos


A close-up of a human eye

Human Eye Drawing Prompt

Photo: pressmaster/Depositphotos


A prince and princess dancing at a royal ball

Royal Ball Drawing Prompt

Photo: marzolino/Depositphotos


Someone from a famous painting

Famous Painting Drawing Prompt

Photo: toucanet/Depositphotos


Your best friend from memory

Best Friend Portrait Drawing Prompt

Photo: odua/Depositphotos




Your dream house

Dream House Drawing Prompt

Photo: Lawcain/Depositphotos


The building across from where you live

Architecture Drawing Prompt

Photo: littleny/Depositphotos


A famous landmark, like the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building

Eiffel Tower Drawing Prompt

Photo: WDGPhoto/Depositphotos


The New York City skyline (or another city of your choice)

New York City Drawing Prompt

Photo: palinchak/Depositphotos


A unique castle

Castle Drawing Prompt

Photo: mikdam/Depositphotos


The bedroom of your favorite character from TV or books

Bedroom Drawing Prompt

Photo: photographee.eu/Depositphotos


An ornate bridge

Bridge Drawing prompt

Photo: mshch1/Depositphotos


The exterior of an old Victorian house

Victorian House Drawing Prompt

Photo: Pierdelune/Depositphotos


A cute wooden cabin in the woods

Cabin in the Woods Drawing Prompt

Photo: kvddesign/Depositphotos


Your kitchen at home

Kitchen Drawing Prompt

Photo: brizmaker/Depositphotos

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