TransLook: An Innovative Transparent Display Case That Combines Digital Art and Interactive Information

From smart watches to phones to TVs, advanced interactive technology is occupying more and more of our daily lives. Emotive Digital–a startup based in San Jose, California and Seoul, South Korea–aims to develop that technology one step further with TransLook, a highly innovative transparent display case that could radically change the way we engage with brands, advertisements, and information while shopping.

Matthew Cho, CEO of Emotive Digital, tells us, “We've developed a new media platform and high-level creative digital art to create interactive engagement in order to touch human emotions.” By bridging the gap between online and offline experiences through their inventive TransLook technology, Emotive Digital helps give traditional, brick-and-mortar stores more of a competitive edge when it comes to attracting consumers.

Although TransLook display cases are primarily used for advertising and marketing purposes in shops right now, in the future such technology could become vital parts of offices, homes, and everyday lives. Imagine being able to open your fridge and instantly gaining access to information like how to cook the food inside, when to throw away produce that's no longer fresh, and much more. In the modern age of information and digital media, Emotive Digital's creative product could be incredibly helpful in providing the average person with daily doses of interactive data and visual beauty.

One brilliant use of TransLook technology–showcases that display products like handbags, watches, jewelry, and more.

Abstract swirls of color and soothing nature scenes ripple organically across the transparent digital screens of the showcase.

Consumers can learn everything they want about the object inside with just the press of a button. A quick tap brings up countless options that let customers read more about the brand or specific product, search for other versions, or purchase their desired model right then and there.

Customers are provided with a 360-degree look at the product inside the case by using multi-touch functions to control a motor-powered turntable.

TransLook technology is also used in refrigerators that have already started popping up in convenience stores around South Korea. Striking, high-quality digital art splashes across the glass door of a fridge, immediately grabbing the attention of nearby customers.

As people approach the fridge, sensors track their movements. New displays then appear on the screen, inviting consumers to learn more about the refreshing drinks inside the fridge. TransLook technology can even recommend beverages for users based on brief questionnaires.

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