Suspended Pods in the Sharjah Mountains Takes Glamping to a New Level

Floating Retreat Concept by Ardh Architects

Architect Omran Alowais of Ardh Architects has created a resort concept meant for adventurous thrillseekers. Floating Retreat is an experience inspired by cliff camping in the Sharjah Mountains in the United Arab Emirates. The daring design sees luxury tents, called hangers, suspended in the mountains. This gives guests all the comforts they're after while also providing a unique immersion into nature.

The project was developed with Shurooq, a Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, and would run from November to May in order to avoid the summer heat. If you have a taste for adventure, this might be the ultimate camping experience. From the renderings, it appears that some hangers sit on the bridge between the mountains. But, if you really want to ramp things up, you could decide to stay in one of the luxury tents that is suspended in mid-air.

From the location, the view is spectacular and there's no way to be more remote than to dangle in the air. One of the main goals of the project is to connect people with nature and take them away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests will be invited to partake in numerous activities that explore the landscape, including mountain climbing and Wadi treks.

“The facility is designed to be family-friendly, with the aim of promoting environmental awareness and appreciation of the local environment among guests,” states the firm. “The tranquil and serene atmosphere of the Floating Retreat also provides guests with the opportunity to disconnect and to enjoy a sense of calmness and peace.”

So, if you aren't afraid of heights and are looking for an unusual way to spend your next vacation, stay tuned to see if Floating Retreat becomes a reality.

Floating Retreat is an adventurous camping adventure in the Sharjah Mountains.

Floating Retreat Concept by Ardh Architects

See-through tent-like structures dangle between the mountain tops, immersing guests in nature.

Floating Retreat Concept by Ardh Architects

The project was inspired by cliff camping.

Mountain Retreat Concept

The interior of the suspended hangers is filled with all the comforts guests may want while also providing breathtaking views.

Interior of Floating Tent

Floating Retreat Concept by Ardh Architects

Thrill seekers looking for a new adventure will certainly be rewarded with a memorable vacation.

Floating Retreat Concept by Ardh Architects

Ardh Architects: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Ardh Architects.

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