Adorable Rescue Fox Bursts Into Gleeful Giggles When Being Petted by His Human

Fox Laughing While Being Pet

There's a lot to love about foxes. Their cute faces, fluffy coats, and playful antics are absolutely adorable. But there's something else that makes them unique. They can laugh, just like we do. Minnesota-based fox rescue Save A Fox shared a video of one of their red foxes giggling with delight as it received some belly scritches.

At first, the high-pitched titters sound like human noises. But as you watch, you quickly realize that it's a fox named Finnegan making the sounds. He even has a gleeful smile as Mikayla Raines—the founder of Save A Fox—dutifully scratches his fur. Clearly, it is as much a highlight of his day as it is for the fox expert, who lovingly coos at him throughout the video.

Raines has been working with foxes for over 10 years. “I discovered the world of domestic foxes upon taking in a tame pet fox several years ago,” she explains. “Domestic foxes are unlike wild foxes in that they are born in captivity to sell as pets, as well as being bred in ‘fur farms' for the sale of their pelts. Foxes born in captivity are unable to be released into the wild due to legal and ethical reasons.”

Realizing that there was an abundance of domestic foxes in need of safe homes, Raines founded Save A Fox in 2017. “Many of our foxes at Save A Fox come from fur farms, as pet surrenders, or seized from their owners as the result of an illegal situation and then brought to us,” she adds. Her work has helped save about 150 foxes so far, including the charismatic Finnegan.

Scroll down to watch this adorable video, and check out Save A Fox's YouTube channel for more delightful fox moments.

Rescued fox Finnegan receives lots of pets from his human.

Fox Laughing While Being Pet

He loves it so much that he bursts into giggles when he receives his daily scritches.

Finnegan lives at the Minnesota-based fox rescue Save A Fox and has lots of cute moments to share.


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Like his reaction to Mikayla Raines—founder of SaveAFox Rescue—sneezing…

… or picking Raines' pocket in search of treats…

… and getting lots of pets from his human.

SaveAFox: Website | YouTube | Instagram | TikTok
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

All images via SaveAFox.

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