Crow Family Leaves Little Gifts for Human Who Kindly Feeds Them

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There are many people who have had the experience of a heartwarming bond with wild animals that frequently visit their homes. One woman in particular, has gained a sweet new friendship with a family of crows—they even exchange gifts! When Tango Steinke moved into her home in Virginia, she realized that she had some noisy neighbors. A pair of crows nested behind her home and had made themselves rather comfortable. She named the pair Doc and Dottie and quickly decided to befriend the crow couple in the best way that she knew how.

Not everyone has the courage and the ability to make friends with these mysterious birds, but Steinke knew to start by feeding them peanuts. She is a true bird lover, and has been feeding the birds and squirrels who hang around her home, and extended the same offering to the black crows. Food became scarce when winter arrived—so Doc and Dottie started to visit Stienke nearly every day. “Over the course of that first month of regular visits, they became more vocal about their arrival. They’d caw at my bedroom window on the weekends until I got up to feed them,” Steinke shares.

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The crow duo didn’t just take without giving back though. In return for Steinke’s generosity throughout the winter, the crows decided to show their gratitude. After accepting plenty of peanuts from their kind neighbor, the birds started giving “thank you” gifts. Crows are known to give small gifts to people who pay attention to them and feed them.

Gifts left behind by a crow

That’s when Steinke found a worn and gray pebble on her porch. “I had gone out to feed, and when I saw it, ran for my camera because I wanted to share it with everyone,” she said. “Since then, they’ve left varied gifts: a button, acorns, bits of metal, a beat-up marble, pottery scraps, and soda tabs.” Steinke says that she receives gifts about once a month, and has collected all of their personalized gifts into a “crow jar.” This collection of presents has been revealed over a course of videos Steinke shares with her fellow TikTok users that can’t seem to get enough.

In addition to the sweet gifts, a new addition arrived at feeding time last spring–a baby crow! Now the crow family of three have become more than just Steinke’s neighbors. They’ve become best friends.

Scroll down to see the “thank you” gifts a crow family has left for Tango Steiner as a token of appreciation:

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h/t: [The Dodo]

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