Enchanting Macro Photos Take Us Inside the Magical World of Tiny Insects

Butterfly Sitting on Flower

Bulgarian photographer Georgi Georgiev combines his love for photography with his background studying ecology to take eye-catching images of nature. His macro photography explores the small world of insects in fairytale settings.

Georgiev can spend hours in nature in order to create the photograph he intended. It might, for instance, take a long time for his “model” to get into position, or he may even have to crawl on the ground to follow his subject. This tenacity pays off in the final product, where the insects are shown as kings of their environment.

Finding a reason to get out in nature isn't difficult for Georgiev. “You can find inspiration everywhere in nature,” he tells My Modern Met. “From the small creatures with their interesting shapes, colors, and behaviors to their beautiful habitats. In nature, you can find silence, peace, innocence, and virgin beauty. All of these factors help you to open your imagination.”

In fact, Georgiev's macro photos are mirrors of his imagination that reflect back his feelings and fantasies. By paying close attention to light—he only uses natural light and prefers to shoot at sunrise or sunset—he's able to bring out different emotions in each photograph. Whether it's two snails who look like they're about to kiss or a butterfly clinging to a flower in the rain, these photographs relay different narratives about life in the forest.

Photographer Georgi Georgiev uses his passion for ecology to inspire his macro photography.

Close Up Photo of a Spider

Macro Photo of a Spider on a Flower

Macro Photo of a Praying Mantis

He can spend hours in the forest capturing the hidden world of insects.

Macro Photo of a Ladybug on a Flower

Macro Photo of a Spider

Georgi Georgiev - Macro Photography of Snail

Macro Photo of a Butterfly

Georgi Georgiev Macro Photos

Marco Photography of Insects

Macro Photo of a Snail on a Branch

Macro Photo of a Butterfly

Insect Macro Photography by Georgi Georgiev

Macro Photo of a Spider

Slug Crawling Up a Mushroom

Georgi Georgiev: Website 

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Georgi Georgiev.

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