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Adorable Cat Has the Big Hypnotizing Eyes of a Wise Owl

It’s not hard to see why Gimo the cat is so unforgettable–just one look into his large eyes and you’ll be mesmerized! The Scottish Fold has pupils reminiscent of a wise owl, which appear even larger when framed by his all-black fur. At the same time, they’re extremely expressive: wonder, surprise, and playfulness are all part of Gimo’s non-verbal communication.

Gimo is an adorably playful cat, and his dinner-plate-sized eyes add a level of intensity to every move he makes. Whether he’s standing on his hind legs, lounging on his favorite cat toys, or defending his beloved box, Gimo does it all while hypnotizing you with his stare.

Gimo: Instagram
via [Bored Panda]

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