Goldfish Owner Invents A Cork "Wheelchair" To Help The Sick Fish Swim Properly

Redditor leability uploaded an unusual picture of a goldfish tied to a cork on May 28th, leaving many fascinated. It turns out that the pet fish was having trouble swimming upright. As a solution, the owner created a contraption to help it float properly. The little fish is seated in this makeshift body sling, which appears to be made of a t-shirt tag and a piece of cork.

The reason behind the necessity for this “goldfish wheelchair” is unclear, but several Redditors point out that the fish is likely suffering from an infected bladder, which occurs as a result of a high-protein diet. They went on to suggest a new diet of skinned, chopped green peas, as the vegetable's nutrients and density could help to balance out the fish's system.

Below, you can see other fish in their very own wheelchairs, some of which are made by veterinary professionals.

via [Bored PandaMashable]

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