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Hilarious Science Teacher Adds Creative Additions to Students’ Doodles


Imgur user Squeezymo, a former eighth and ninth grade science teacher in Bangkok, Thailand, included more than just grades on his students’ work. The educator noticed that his kids drew a lot on their papers. So, he established a rule in the classroom: if you draw something, the teacher will add to it, too. Original drawings are in pencil and Squeezymo’s handiwork is in red pen.

As you might imagine, this created some hilarious mashups. “You’ll notice my tendency here to reverse the theme of an image,” he writes on Tumblr. “ An overdressed teenager sulking about a text message? Now they are on ice skates. A floating head with her lively fairy friends? Quarantine.” Squeezymo’s subject matter includes everything from adorable animals to crazy masks, automobiles, and unidentifiable creatures. Whatever the drawing, it seems like his additions would make getting your homework back much more exciting!

Squeezymo writes that he has more pictures to post. Follow his Tumblr, Grading Thaime!, for even more amusing student/teacher collaborations.

Squeezymo2Squeezymo3Squeezymo4Squeezymo5Squeezymo6Squeezymo7Squeezymo8Squeezymo9Squeezymo10Squeezymo11Squeezymo12Squeezymo13Squeezymo14Grading Thaime! Tumblr
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