Guitarist Tim Henson Shows off Amazing Skills With Unplugged Performance of Polyphia’s “Playing God”

Even though some heavier music genres may not be as popular among the general public, they are home to some of the most gifted musicians out there. The band Polyphia is a great example of this, especially their lead guitarist, Tim Henson. By offering an unplugged version of one of the group's top hits, “Playing God,” he also got to showcase his amazing guitar playing abilities, which are nothing short of hypnotic.

The original version has always had a flamenco-like vibe thanks to the speed and melodic smoothness of Henson's performance. Yet the unplugged version strips it from the drums and rhythm guitar to shine a light on both an enthralling song and its virtuoso performer. For all the complexity of “Playing God,” the guitarist plays with an air of focused effortlessness that makes it even more impressive.

At 30 years old, Henson has been playing guitar for 20 years. While he is highly respected as a rock musician, his style has been informed by a wide array of genres. “He is known for incorporating a wide range of musical influences and techniques into his playing—including hybrid picking, tapping, harmonics, sweep picking, and jazzy chord progression—to create a unique sound that is both technically impressive and emotionally rich,” writes Charlie Griffiths from Guitar World.

When asked about his guitar playing, Henson once said, “I had this idea that I wanted to be the best guitar player on Earth.” If this video is any proof, he may already be nearing the top. In addition to that mesmerizing version of “Playing God,” Henson also tackled other songs in his YouTube channel, as well as sharing insights into his creative process and life as a musician.

To stay up to date with him, you can follow Henson on Instagram.

Guitarist Tim Henson shared a mesmerizing unplugged version of “Playing God,” a song from his band Polyphia. You can listen to to the original version below.

In addition to that mesmerizing version of “Playing God,” Henson also expertly tackled other songs in his YouTube channel.

Tim Henson: Instagram | YouTube
Polyphia: Website | Spotify

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