Unknown Musician Dazzles the Public by Flawlessly Playing the Guitar and Tap Dancing at the Same Time

musician tap dances and plays guitar at the same time

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit

When we think of talented performers, our mind typically goes to stars on the big stage. However, there is also raw talent hiding in the most unassuming places. A viral video shows an unnamed performer putting on a hypnotic spectacle with the help of his guitar. As he strums the strings, the man provides his own drumming by tap dancing—and never misses a beat.

The video shows this double-threat performer picking up a guitar as normal and tapping his right foot before taking things to the next level. The man then takes the guitar by the neck and energetically plays the notes to his song while shuffling his feet at lightning speed. At one point, he also adds a level of percussion to his performance by hitting the body of the acoustic guitar. While some guitarists have pointed out that he is only playing a couple of chords, they have praised his strumming technique, reminiscent of Spanish flamenco.

Sadly, the identity of this brilliant performer remains a mystery. If anything, Reddit users have pointed out that the video was most likely filmed in Ukraine, as the signs on the background feature the logo of Ukrainian mobile carrier Kyivstar. “Basically he is playing inside a little shop where people either buy some mobile stuff (operator cards/headphones/batteries etc.) or pay for mobile device quick repair,” user mrdos01 explained. Now that his skills have reached a viral status, hopefully, this musician-slash-tap-dancer will get the spotlight he deserves.

A viral video shows an unnamed performer putting on a hypnotic spectacle only with the help of his guitar. As he strums the strings, he provides his own drumming by tap dancing without missing a beat.

Incredible performance by this gentleman
by u/notajock in toptalent

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